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Theoretical ATPL training allows you to obtain the European airliner pilot license

This license obtained by theoretical ATPL training is necessary to be a captain.

Our School prepares to present the ATPL theoretical airplane exams, the DGAC issues these certificates after validation

Are you looking for the best solution to learn and progress according to your schedule?

ATPLSCHOOL has the solution and offers you 3 subscription packages giving you the right to face-to-face and video-conference training

Our ATPL Theoretical aircraft training consists of 14 certificates, distance training by visio zoom

Air law, air traffic control procedure, engines, instruments, center of gravity, performance

Flight preparation and monitoring, human factors management, radio navigation, flight mechanics, VFR and IFR communication

Our ATPL Theoretical aircraft training is provided in our premises located in Aviation Schools

A large part of these airline pilot training is carried out remotely by video from your home

School starts generally take place from March to December

The ATPL Theoretical training aims for 14 certificates covering all the areas necessary to achieve a flight

All our instructors come from the aeronautical field and are specialized by training center

Our success rate is very high and is around 90% during exams led by the DGAC

Of course, the objective of Theoretical ATPL training is to present our candidates in the best conditions

At the same time, our instructors provide all the information you need to tackle the future profession of airline pilot.

Their great experience and transmitted during the courses by concrete cases that entered the training

The trainees are often put in a situation after each of the Theoretical ATPL training in order to judge their understanding

An initial evaluation is carried out before switching to another training module, even by visio zoom

MCQs allow instructors to ensure that trainees have fully understood the lessons

The final assessment allows trainees to be placed under the same examination conditions as the DGAC

During theoretical ATPL training, the emphasis is on the reflection and mental calculation necessary for risky situations

During the 100 KSA training the trainees are put to the test and their behavior is analyzed by the instructors

Admission conditions are imposed by our EASA approved school and 100 KSA training organization

Have class 1 medical aptitude

Have passed the mathematics, physics and science admission test

Have passed the level of English which is appreciated during an interview with an airline pilot instructor

Already hold a PPL private pilot license

The DGAC requires that the theoretical ATPL aircraft training be followed in their entirety

Tests will make it possible to verify that the trainees presented for the exam have indeed the theoretical knowledge

The theoretical ATPL aircraft training takes place over a period of 18 months, with 650 hours of lessons for the 14 modules

Our professional flight school has set up a flexible schedule allowing for tailor-made courses to be followed.

The promotions are relatively small, around 15 people in order to create a group spirit

The pace of classes is sustained and stopping points are necessary to move to the next level

Registration can be done by phone or directly on our ATPSCHOOL site with its specific form

Do you want to make your dream come true and become an airline pilot?

Choose our EASA approved school with many locations in France

Our ATPL theoretical aircraft training modules are a combination of the regulations defined by the DGAC and the experiences of our instructors

As an intern you will quickly be integrated into a team and an environment conducive to success.

Our educational objectives are clear and professional and follow aeronautical regulations

The DGAC imposes strict conditions to be validated your theoretical ATPL airplane training

The training lasts 18 months and all the content of the certificates must be covered during the courses

A period of 18 months is imposed for obtaining the 14 theoretical ATPL modules

A module can only be passed a maximum of 4 times

It is therefore necessary that the training is supported and that you are in the best exam conditions

The theoretical part of the ATPL training covers different topics that it is necessary to know before taking the exam

010- law and air traffic

021- Knowledge of aircraft of all types (AGK)

022- Instrumentation on board aircraft cockpits

031- Weight and balance or how to load planes with basic concepts

032 - Performance of aircraft, jet engines, electrical and hydraulic systems

033 - Flight preparation and monitoring, trajectory plotting, weather analysis, safety instructions

040 - Human factors, how to anticipate actions that are difficult to manage, stress and panic

050 - Meteorology, learn climatic and disturbing phenomena for an airplane flight

061 - Navigation, prepare flight plan, runway pre-take-off checks

062 - Radionavigation, learn the different radio communication methods, the advantages and difficulties

070 - Operational procedures for getting into good flight conditions

081 - Principle of flight, mastery of the elementary principles of aerodynamics on airplanes in flight

090 - Communication, radiocommunication equipment, procedures and aids to aircraft navigation

100 KSA, the behavior of the student pilot trainee to prepare for the ATPL theoretical airplane exams

Welcome to ATPLSCHOOL to follow our ATPL theoretical aircraft training and obtain your Airline Pilot License

Our formulas will allow you to have video-conferencing by zoom to study theoretical ATPL airplane from your home

The objective is to define your initial potential in aeronautical knowledge and to support you towards success

Our instructors who are active airline pilots have mastered all of the ATPL theoretical airplane courses

The professional flight school opens its doors for you to register for the theoretical ATPL training

Register on our site

cockpit cockpit aircraft instrument navigation theoretical ATPL training airline pilot above the clouds

Our school Atplschool  provides your training.

The birth of ATPLSCHOOL is the result of several years of experience in high level training. All the knowledge acquired during more than 37 years in the field of aeronautics, management and support of future student pilots is made available to ATPLSCHOOL therefore at your service.

Shared knowledge

• Our training courses, which go to the basics, are based on our knowledge of the trade.
• The Visio courses are in French, the documentation in English.
• Transmission of the lived experience in illustration of course points.
• The important points of each certificate are processed in Visio.
• Possibility for trainees to attend several times to the same material in Visio.
• up-to-date schedules allow greater flexibility in registrations for face-to-face training and Visio-conferences.

3 Formulas
of training to support you


Choose the formula that suits you best ...

Cette formule s'adresse aux pilotes souhaitant travailler seul.
65-hour face-to-face
+ 12 h de cours en visioconférence.
Documentation provided
Video course material
Cette formule s'adresse aux pilotes souhaitant être encadré un minimum.
Accompanied formula for the theoretical ATPL airplane training of furture airline pilots with experienced instructors
65-hour face-to-face
+ 84 h de cours en visioconférence.
Documentation provided
Video course material
Cette formule s'adresse aux pilotes souhaitant être très encadré.
Reinforced formula for theoretical ATPL airplane training with instructor experienced in remote visio zoom
65-hour face-to-face
+ cours illimités en visioconférence.
Documentation provided
Video course materials
John Doe

Training registration process for accompany you

Choose your training plan and have access to course information, access to videoconferences and contacts with our instructors

At any time, you can increase
the number of hours videoconference.

Choose your overtime pack in your "Trainee space" account.
3 - 6 - 9 - 15 hours
Pack overtime training certificates ATPL theoretical aircraft visio-conference live-learning remotely

Our Assets for your success

Listening to you and supporting you


All video conferencing in French


Expert instructors Active pilots


Visio training that goes straight to the point


Permanent support with the instructors

blue logo ato school atplschool training atpl airplane airline pilot videoconference remote instructors

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