100 - KSA 

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Parice Marinaro 


** The 100-KSA is not the subject of specific training by Live-Learning **

An evaluation is carried out throughout the course of the trainee, during the face-to-face training then during the videoconference courses and exchanges with the instructors.



Officials LO's  ( Learning objectives) 

100 00 00 00 – Knowledge – Skills and Attitudes (KSA)
100 01 00 00 – Icao Core Competencies
100 02 00 00 – Core Competencies Learning Objectives
100 03 02 00 – Additional Threat and Error Management (TEM) Related Learning Objectives
100 04 00 00 – Mental Maths


The Objectives of Theoretical ATPL Airline Pilot Training

An airplane is a machine made up of many circuits using different energy sources (electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal)
The goal here is not to make you specialists, but enlightened users.


  • Theoretical ATPL course support

Target Audience

  • New Interns

Your Instructors

Parice Marinaro 

Line pilot

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9 Reviews
46 Students
Military Air Transport Navigator with the Captain's qualification, he has totaled 6,000 flight hours on machines such as the C160 Transall, in-flight refueling.
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Necessary material

  • This certificate does not require a zoom videoconference, it is spread over all the subjects during the face-to-face training. It gives rise to evaluations during this period.

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Training theme

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