033 - Flight preparation and monitoring

alain dogbeh instructor theoretical training atpl airplane pilot experienced atplschool remote visio live learning
Alain-louis Togbeh 
patrice marinaro instructor theoretical training atpl airplane pilot experimente atplschool remote visio live learning
Parice Marinaro 


Because before you ride it… ..you have to know how it works !!

  • This includes explanations of the construction of airplanes.
  • The different constituent circuits (Hydraulic, Fuel, Electric, Pneumatic)
  • Engines

The points that will be developed during the videoconference sessions will be as follows:

  • VFR flight preparation
  • IFR flight preparation
  • Fuel calculation
  • Flight plan




Justplanes license

Officials LO's  ( Learning objectives) 

033 00 00 00 - Flight Planning and Monitoring 
033 01 00 00 – Fligt Planning for VFR Flights Remark: Using the GSPRM VFR Chart 
033 02 00 00 – Flight Planning for IFR Flights 
033 03 00 00 – Fuel Planning – CAT.OP.MPA.106 and CAT.OP.MPA.150 plus AMC1,2,3 
033 04 00 00 - Pre-Flight Preparation 
033 05 00 00 - ICAO Flight Plan (ATS Flight Plan- FPL) 
033 06 01 00 – Flight Monitoring 


The Objectives of Theoretical ATPL Airline Pilot Training

Fuel and resource management.
Selection of air routes.
Writing flight plans are the main topics covered in this training.


  • Theoretical ATPL course support

Target Audience

  • New Interns



Flight Planning for VFR Flights

IFR Flight


Flight Plan 


Meteorological Data 

PET and PSR 

IFR Communications and Radionavigation Aids 

Abacuses and tables for SEP-MEP-MRJT 

Your Instructors

Alain-louis Togbeh 

OPL Captain

5 learning
3 Reviews
0 Students
Captain, former Flight Mechanic Officer. Pilot Officer, (OPL) then Captain (CDB), he totaled 12,300 flight hours on machines such as: Emb 190, B727, B737, A300 and A310. His expertise has enabled him to take on the position of MCC Instructor.
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Parice Marinaro 

Line pilot

9 learning
9 Reviews
46 Students
Military Air Transport Navigator with the Captain's qualification, he has totaled 6,000 flight hours on machines such as the C160 Transall, in-flight refueling.
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Duration 6  hours

Necessary material

  • Requires ATPL Theoretical course material ("Resources" tab or ATPLDOC Library).
  • Content of the training developed during the Face-to-Face training.

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Training theme

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