031 - Weight and Balance

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Franck Sallers 


Flying a heavier than air ’requires some precautions….
The weight distribution on board must allow it to fly away ... This is the balance!

The points that will be developed during the videoconference sessions will be as follows:

  • Using manual centering sheets



Origine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-fCufWPdko

Officials LO's   ( Learning objectives) 

031 00 00 00 - Mass and Balance - Airplanes / Helicopters
031 01 00 00 – Purpose of Mass and Balance Considerations 
031 02 00 00 – Loading 
031 03 00 00 – Intentionally Left Blank 
031 04 00 00 – Mass and Balance Details of Aircraft 
031 05 00 00 – Determination of CG Position 
031 06 00 00 – Cargo Handling 



The Objectives of Theoretical ATPL Airline Pilot Training

The stability and maneuverability of an aircraft are associated with the position of its center of gravity.
This changes position depending on the loading of the aircraft.
Calculation methods are therefore studied in order to fly safely.


  • Theoretical ATPL course support

Target Audience

  • New Interns


1. EU-OPS 1 - Extract

2. Definitions and calculations

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Franck Sallers 

Flight Engineer Officer (OMN)

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Naval Aircraft Engineer. Today Teacher in aeronautical maintenance in the national education. He has extensive experience as a trainer in the aeronautical field.
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Necessary material

  • Requires ATPL Theoretical course material ("Resources" tab or ATPLDOC Library).
  • Content of the training developed during the Face-to-Face training.

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